Happy 15th Birthday WordPress!

Today marks the 15th anniversary of WordPress on the internet and unlike most temperamental teens, the WordPress open source project is one well-oiled machine that sees agencies like ours delivering premium websites to clients at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we decided to share with you 15 reasons we think you need to be using WordPress for your next website project.

1. 30% of websites use WordPress

That is a staggering figure isn’t it?  Just goes to show that the power of WordPress is far greater than it’s first blogging platform purpose.

2. Open Source

This simply means that developers from all around the world are able to work on WordPress, meaning that it can only keep on getting better with all those smarts going into one platform.

3. Easy customisation

Whether you’re a developer or someone who has no idea how to code, WordPress can still be customised to suit your needs.  At Made Neat, we create sites our clients are able to make changes to themselves.  So if they need some copy updated or a blog posted, there is no need to be paying us (unless they are time poor) to be doing so!

4. Always room to expand

Need another page for a promotion or new product?  Easy with WordPress.  If you have a page builder on your site, you may even be able to build this yourself.

5. Supports multimedia

If running videos on your website is something you want to do, WordPress enables you to do so with ease.  Simply upload the video to Youtube and then embed the code into the WordPress page you wish to display the video.

6. Flexibility

Even with a full bespoke website, you still have the ability to change aspects of your site.

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7. Designed for the everyday user not just developers

With many ways these days to create a website, WordPress leads the way in platforms that enable even those that cannot code to create themselves a website via a prebuilt theme.

8. Low maintenance costs

Maintaining a WordPress website is considerably cheaper than other custom CMS platforms.  If you need a new image changed on your site, or a phone number even, chances are you will be able to either do this yourself or have someone do it for you quite cheaply.

9. eCommerce

WordPress can handle all types of eCommerce stores with WooCommerce being a common plugin that enables shop owners to sell, ship, track and promote their products from their site.

10. Membership sites

Whilst membership sites aren’t as popular since the inception of Facebook groups, WordPress still handles membership sites well.  Infact, we have a couple of clients who run very successful membership sites.

11. Keeps on getting better

With improvements and new features always being made to WordPress you can be assured the platform is always moving with modern technologies.

12. Large troubleshooting community

Being open source, the troubleshooting community within WordPress is large and wise.  As developers, we draw on this knowledge community regularly.

13. The big players are using it

With big companies like Sony, Time and even Facebook’s newsroom utilising WordPress the value of having a website that is easily to update in-house is of huge value in our ever-changing digital landscape even to the big players.

14. Bespoke or theme options

Choose from hand-coded bespoke WordPress options or themes which can suit your budget, required functionality and future goals.

15. You have an opportunity to work with the Made Neat team on your next website project!

And on that note, if you already have a WordPres website, congratulations! You have made a great business decision for now and the future.



Luke Humble