A question we are often asked is whether or not our clients need to pay special attention to SEO.

Honestly, yes you do: this is not me saying go out and blow your budget and pay ridiculous amounts of money for an SEO company, however. The path I always recommend to clients is to spend the money on updating their website and utilizing the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. This plugin gives an indicator of whether the post or page will rank well along with suggestions on how to improve it.

Here at Made Neat, we ensure all our websites are SEO optimized for our designs and undergo an extensive SEO audit before publication by our team. What does this mean for you? It means your site will rank as high as possible from the launch and that we are not going to turn around you and hit you with any annoying hidden costs. It also means that if you couple your site with a neat digital content strategy your SEO results will be awesome.

How is this possible?

This is possible through one of the biggest secrets SEO companies keep – google searches are personalized to the consumer and takes into account the consumers location, previous searches and a whole other top-secret bundle of things that Google will not let anybody, I repeat anybody, know about. Yep – that includes SEO companies that promote having a special relationship with Google and having a preference form google over other search results.

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Now I am going to refer you to the most authoritative company on SEO: Google. Who better to give you assistance in deciding whether or not you need an SEO than Google right? So now I am going to be quiet and link you to this article from the Google Support that may or may not also include go to content in the top right in regards to SEO. With a read of this you will understand that SEO is a risky purchase because results are not guaranteed, so why not spend the money on a new website that will achieve better results and give you the ability to monitor and control your SEO in-house?

However do not get me wrong, it is not that simple. There are things that must happen in the background but this should happen on any website regardless. One of these is becoming familiar with Google webmaster section for your business to monitor results, but that subject is for another blog on another day.

So the key take away is simply this …

WordPress sites with Yoast will assist you in achieving SEO results especially if it is coupled with an awesome digital content strategy. Feel free to contact us to have a chat with Mitch or the team about how Made Neat can assist with digital content strategies and about potentially setting you on a platform to manage SEO for yourself.

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Mitch Brunke

Mitch is Made Neat's Marketing Manager. He takes a special interest and a Bachelors degree in the area of digital marketing. If you have any questions at all about how your business can improve their online presence the Mitch is your contact.