We often chat to clients about the importance of a blog and I am sure that by now you are all tired of hearing about how they will drive sales and boost SEO, so for today I will just tell you how to make a neat blog post.


Choosing a great headline can be as simple as ensuring your using keywords that you’re wanting your post to rank for and making it punchy enough to draw readers in.  Your headline is the first impression you get to make on your reader.  Make it a good it one.


Subheadings are not only great for readability but SEO. These subheadings are another chance for Google to find keywords along with improving the user experience as they make your blog easier to read. Bullet points also improve the readability of your blog as some readers may only skim over the content looking for a summary or the key points.

Choice of feature imagery

Finding the right image for your blog post is as imperative to its success as the headline.  Choosing an image that pertains to the story, is humanised and doesn’t look too much like it has been bought from a stock image site (even if it has!).

Maintaining an image library for your business where you regularly take pictures within your working environments is a great way to always have images available to you and not need to be buying images.  We wrote about the importance of an image library here.

Make sure your blog includes the bigger picture

We have all read a blog and thought to ourselves “what is the writer of this blog trying to tell me.” Avoiding this and having your blog tell a story that you want the reader to follow is the key to generating longer session durations on your website and having the reader click off onto other pages and purchase something off of you. Do you see what I did there? I just educated you about the importance of a blog (or product) and how it relates to sales, website performance and the big scary word SEO.

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Utilise the tools available

Okay, so the first tool is one of the most important ones available to you as you blog, Grammarly. Spelling mistakes are embarrassing and can really damage the reputation of a business. Installing Grammarly will avoid any embarrassing mistakes and see your content strategy fulfil its true potential.

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This leads on nicely to my next point, ensure you use the Yoast plugin to its full potential. This includes labelling your posts correctly, specifying a meta tag to capture the reader’s attention and taking into account the recommendations Yoast provides for improving the SEO score for that page and your whole site. Please note, however, the keyword should be found through research using tools such as the Google keyword planner and avoid common words such as “blog.”

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Did you click on that link? Was it at least tempting? This could be the difference between creating and not creating a sale on your website so do not be afraid to use internal links on your site leading to the appropriate products or pages. This internal link also signifies to google that users find the content on your site awesome and would like to see more of it leading to a higher ranking for your page.

Sharing your blogs

There is no point creating awesome content and just looking at it yourself, your social media is the best way to have the people who are interested in your product to see your blog and hopefully click on it. When sharing these blogs it always pays to be clever and creative and hit the reader with a catchy relevant title to grab the readers attention. Plus, every time a user clicks on your blog from social media it is a linked to your website and guess what this does? Yep, you guessed it, it shows Google your website is relevant to the users.

I hope this post helps you out in creating the very best blogs for your site or even inspires you to start blogging.  If you have any questions or interested in chatting to us about our Digital Content Strategies we offer our clients, drop us line via our Contact Page.


Luke Humble