Businesses are all competing for a portion of the holiday spend these last few months of the year. However, some companies aren’t sure where they should be focusing their efforts to get the most returns.

To help our clients understand where their resources are best spent to capture holiday sales, we’ll take you through the buyer’s journey and recommend a few places to concentrate your marketing budget on.

4 ways to prepare for the holiday shoppers

1. Capture the researchers

People are increasingly starting their searches on mobile, and spending more and more time with mobile apps.

Knowing that more and more consumers are beginning to research items, restaurants, and more on mobile, Google has implemented mobile-first indexing.

This boosts the importance of your SEO and SEM. Since shoppers do their research on mobile, it’s vital that your website is mobile responsive and optimised to appear at the top of search results.

2. Spark ideas with ads

Well-placed ads like PPC ads on Google or even social media ads will help inspire gift ideas.

Tip: Get creative with your key terms by writing an article of top holiday gift ideas (including your product) and then using that to run a Facebook ad with.

These ads work best when you send potential customers to a custom page on your website. Whether that means designing unique landing pages or using content to draw visitors in is up to your preferred business strategy.

3. Keep your website easy to navigate

As we mentioned above, your online visitors (or shoppers) are usually checking out your website from their phones. Making your website as user friendly as possible helps you delight shoppers, shorten the path to purchase, and make their buyer’s journey as smooth as possible.

Invest in UX testing for your website to ensure buyers have a seamless path from search to purchase on any device. We recommend optimising for speed, mobile, and usability.

4. Close the sale with service

Finally, invest in your post-sale support. This could include perfecting your shipping, quality assurance, and ensuring an easy returns or replacement process.

The promise of great after-sale support could be enough to drive those shoppers who are on the fence to hit “purchase.”

Tip: Offer live chat on your website so shoppers can get their questions answered immediately.

Your holiday website checklist

To help you prepare for the holidays, we’ve put together a quick checklist for your marketing team to run through.

  • Ensure your website is optimised for mobile.
  • Follow SEO best practices for your content and website build.
  • Experiment with SEM, use PPC ads and social media ads to drive visitors.
  • Check your website for usability, specifically for holiday shoppers making purchases.
  • Invest in after-sales support and a good customer service team.

Luke Humble