So you started your business with a Facebook page a few years back and in the beginning, everything was grand and you gained a great following with optimum reach on your posts. But now things have changed and it’s frustrating.  Your posts are being seen by less and less followers and you’re receiving fewer enquiries from the page. You have tried boosting posts and some audience targeting but they have proven to be fruitless in your search for new business.  Furthermore, people have mentioned they can’t find you on Google and that you should get a website, but it’s hard to know if your business needs a website or even if one will be affordable for you.

Today let’s help you with this dilemma with a few facts on your situation.

Firstly, you do not own your Facebook page.

This is probably something you have overlooked and one that Facebook most certainly doesn’t like to publicise.  Whilst you have a page for your business on the largest website in the world, you actually don’t own the real estate.  You set it up for free and essentially adding to the content that makes Facebook what it is.  If Facebook was to shut down your page right this very moment, what would you do?

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Having your own website and simply utilising Facebook (and other social media platforms) as a marketing tool to direct traffic to your site is the smarter option here.  Google searches that now correspond to the user’s location means that maintaining your own home on the internet has many benefits that will see your firmly plant your brand in front of your current and potential customers. Not to mention that google searches are personalised so if that consumer clicks on your link from Facebook, you are more likely to appear in their searches relevant to your business.

Facebook’s recent algorithm change has seen less unpaid posts showing up in newsfeeds

Back when you started the page being seen by your followers was a given, now FB wants to make $$ and they make you pay to be seen.  Fair enough too.  They need to make money to pay the bills.  But you’re not seeing the conversions from all of this ad spend and you’re wondering if the analytics on these paid posts are even accurate.

This leads to the question, is my advertising budget being used to its full potential? If your website is not engaging for a consumer then no – they are not. We get a little excited here at Made Neat when we click on a blog that has been shared and it takes us to a neat website – see what I did there? #neatwebsite

Google searches

Like I mentioned before, Google now corresponds with a user’s location and therefore if I am searching on ‘great swimming beaches’, I am likely to find that my search results will include my local beaches, like Hervey Bay or the Sunshine Coast – you know, from where you would rather be.


So ranking on Google is a point Mitch often discusses with business owners and the question is often the same, “Why are my competitors beginning to rank better than me?”

Quite often the answer is the same and revolves around the website being outdated and very rarely giving visitors anything new to look at on the site. If your site is not well designed and has an interface that leaves your consumers wanting more, they may click off your site immediately as they are not interested. This can have a negative impact on Google rankings. Here at Made Neat, we address this issue by designing pages with the consumer in mind as this yields better results than designing a page for search engines (yawn – I want to click off it already).

This being said, much of the copy and content on your website contains keywords that are detected by Google for certain search queries and changing these to common search terms or keywords will see huge improvements in ranking. The ability to get your website to rank for keywords of your choice means you can appear on your ideal customers Google search showing them your product at a time they have the intent to start the purchase process.

Imagine this for one moment …  a consumer searches on Google, your website appears first in the search. The consumer lands on an amazing website and does not even look at any of your competitors. Want to have a chat about making this a reality?


Other important topics to understand when beginning the new website project journey include:

Economical hosting

These days, finding economical is easy, but the trick is to find a website host that has fantastic customer service within Australia and happy to manage your concerns and queries in person. There are also a few technical factors to look out for such as locations of data centres and whether or not the hosting is shared. Google does not like slow websites and neither does consumers, this is why it doesn’t make sense for a local company to be using a data centre outside of the Oceania region.

Shared hosting may be the cheapest option but the old saying that you get what you pay for really reigns supreme in this case.

Compare Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud Hosting

Australian website Hosting

Infographic created by Jerry Low of Web Hosting Secret Revealed – a must visit hosting review site for web host shoppers.

Design and development to suit the requirements of your business

This one is the cherry on top for many of our clients, they get an awesome website designed for their businesses needs but also for the client to have the ability to make changes to their website without having to pay the website developer to do every small little change.



Luke Humble