Account Payment

The establishment of this service is dependent upon receipt by Made Neat of payment of stated charges. If an account is not paid in full then Made Neat reserves the right to suspend your account until all payments have been received.

All services are automatically invoiced for renewal prior to the start of the new billing period, unless you specify that you would like to cancel the service before the next invoice is generated. (see Cancellation Policy below).

Invoices are generated and payable on initial order. Invoices for recurring payments are generated and emailed to the primary account contact and any nominated billing contacts as follows;

  • Monthly – 7 days before the due date
  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual – 14 days before the due date

Payment methods accepted are Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and PayPal. Credit Card and PayPal transactions are assigned automatically, while Bank Transfer transactions require client entry when creating the bank transaction. The reference for the bank transfer must include your invoice number. Invoice numbers are unique and are required to be correct for the invoice to be marked as paid.

If you wish to cancel a service, you must do so before the invoice due date. See “Cancellation Policy” below.

Refunds Policy

As we have a number of flexible payment options, the minimum you are required to pay for hosting is the monthly fee for your chosen plan. Should you wish to cancel your hosting account, we will refund the pro-rata amount for any unused whole months only at your request.

A request for a refund of an amount after 60 days of the initial transaction, will attract the removal of our merchant fees before being refunded. Refunds of payments older than 60 days are at our discretion and may be refused.

Refunds do not apply to domain name registrations or renewals, SSL certificates, consultations or accounts in breach of our terms of service & acceptable usage policy.

Suspended or terminated accounts are in breach of this policy and are not eligible for a refund.

Chargeback Policy

Credit card or PayPal chargebacks attract a $50+gst fee which is split up between an Administration fee of $25 and a Chargeback fee of $25. We are happy to work with you to resolve any billing issues, so we request you contact us before initiating a chargeback with your bank. Unwarranted chargeback fees may be forwarded to a collections agency.

Pricing and Adjustments

Discounts may not be made automatically. If you believe you are eligible for a price deduction for your services, a request must be made in writing via email explaining your request. The request received must be before an invoice has been issued for the current billing cycle otherwise, you will be required to wait until the next billing cycle for us to action your request. Made Neat will approve or decline the request at its sole discretion based on several considerations, including your payment history.

Account Suspension

Overdue accounts will be suspended 14 days after the due payment date of the oldest invoice. To re-activate your account, you can simply pay any outstanding invoices in full and your account will be manually reactivated within 24 hours.

Reinstatement Fee

If your account has been terminated and we still have backups available, a $99+gst account restoration fee will apply in addition to any unpaid invoices. This fee covers engineers' time to recover your data from a backup server.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be submitted via email. Failure to submit a cancellation request via email will result in the cancellation not being processed. A cancellation will only be processed if all outstanding invoices have been paid in full. You have the option to select an immediate or end of billing cycle cancellation. We DO NOT process cancellations via phone or post.

A cancellation request will not be processed for any service which has overdue invoices or has been suspended due to outstanding payments. We reserve the right to recover all outstanding debts before your service is cancelled. If you use our services and do not let us know of your intention to cease use of services, then it is agreed that you are liable for any charges for the service use. We provide ample time between the generation and sending of an invoice to the actual invoice payment being charged, so it is your obligation to let us know your intent to cancel before the payment has been applied and you have entered into the new billing cycle.

We do not monitor account usage to determine if an account is in use and billable. All active accounts are billed as intended for use, regardless of actual usage.

We reserve the right to keep your contact details, invoices and payment records for a minimum of 7 years, for tax compliance and auditing.

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