It’s hard to believe almost 1 year ago we officially started Made Neat.

Looking back

I remember the time rolled around fast and after 6 months of planning and hard work, the official day came and went rather smoothly. Not that I personally was expecting fireworks in the sky, but you know these things tend to have a big build up and then bam! the 1st of July arrived and nothing changed.  We continued working the same way in which we did under The Code Co.

Everyone was over the moon when we explained that we were the new breakaway sister company from The Code Co, and our goal was to focus entirely on WordPress Design & Development for small business.

Paul, Gayel & Jackson ~ June 2017

Our hardworking team

Speaking of that team, it was tiny.  Just Jackson, Paul and myself.  We threw ourselves into projects with great gusto and I remember Friday nights working hard to deliver deadlines for clients in far-off States.  We also lived in a tiny office.  It was about 3×4 metres!


It wasn’t long before we realised we needed to expand and 2 more staff members came on board. Roles within the team were further defined and before we knew it we were into the end of our first year with over 20 website projects under our belt.


A new direction

Reflecting back now that we live in a lovely new office in the main business centre of Hervey Bay and our systems are all in place, the hard work clearly has paid off.   It has become very clear that working in the tourism and hospitality vertical has suited the team with the likes of Fraser Island Tours and Hervey Bay Seafood Festival being some of the best sites we have ever produced.

This leads me to announce that as a team we have decided to now specialise in tourism and hospitality website design & development.  Whilst, we will still take care of anyone that comes to us from outside this niche, we feel that specialising in tourism and hospitality will allow us to become industry leaders in designing and developing sites for operators that are time poor and need the biggest bang for buck for their website.hervey-bay-seafood-festival-tourism-event

If you’re interested in seeing some of our work in this niche have a look at Hervey Bay Seafood Festival and Fraser Island Tours.

Now our birthday party has been booked for this Friday and I best be getting back to ensuring that all preparations are set to make it a fabulous evening.

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram I am sure you will get to see just how much celebrating gets done 🙂

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Gayel Airs

Gayel is Made Neat's Sales & Marketing Manager and often the first point of contact for client's wishing to explore their website options. She not only assists client's through the website journey but also with their digital content strategies well after their site has launched.