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Staff Spotlight – Gayel Airs, Sales & Marketing Manager

by Mitch Brunke

So Gayel, what’s your story?  How did you end up working with Made Neat?

Almost 2 years ago, I was e-introduced to Ben May and then later Paul Tevis where we chatted about how I could work with them to strengthen their small business arm of The Code Company.  Eventually, we caught up in person and it turns out they both like the sugarless variety of black coffee that I do, so a bond formed.  I had worked with WordPress as a freelancer for a few years and was pretty excited to be offered a chance to work with a company that not only had a lengthy small business client list but also some big Australian websites under their wing.  The plan was to separate the small business clients from the enterprise ones and in doing this forming a new brand. By Christmas 2016, we had laid the foundations for Made Neat.

And what is a typical day at work for you?

Gosh… I am a working mum so my day starts early and can often be lengthy!  I tend to open my laptop around 6:30 am and hit the ground running from there.  Emails, social media scans, analytics, allocation of tasks for the day, school drop off and then to the office.  From there it’s client meetings, catch ups with the team and strategy meetings with my sidekick Mitch Brunke.  Then by 3pm, I am off out of the office to juggle school pick up, after-school activities and homework.

From home, I tend to do a few more hours work and end my working day reading through Feedly for all the latest topics and articles to do with web development, design and marketing.  Needless to say, I love my weekends with my family where I can enjoy the beautiful part of the world we live in .

Big question time … If you could switch jobs with anyone in the company who would that be and why?

Hmmm… nope! I don’t think I want to swap with anyone.  I love my job and what I do (most days!).

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What is your favourite thing about the job you do?

I love nothing more than getting out and meeting client’s face to face. Seeing where they do business and working through current problems they might be having so that I can formulate a plan to combat them.

Favourite website or podcasts

I am a sucker for the Betoota Advocate (blame Mitch!) and any other small Aussie publication giving online content a good whack.  I tend to also read a few different marketing websites and enjoy listening to podcasts from Kate Toon, Jack Delousa, Elizabeth Gilbert and The Minimalists.

If you could give a small business operator one piece of marketing advice what would it be?

Don’t try to do everything!  Make a plan. Delegate tasks to other staff and find experts to assist where necessary.  And of course, I have to also say, invest in high-quality WordPress website created by professionals.  Success can be this simple.

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Mitch Brunke

Mitch is Made Neat's Marketing & Social Media Assistant with an interest in SEO and Google Analytics. Mitch loves nothing more than working on digital content strategies within the marketing team and assisting clients with their enquiries.


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