So Mitch Brunke, what is your role at Made Neat?

My role is Marketing Assistant and Customer Service. Clients are most likely to hear from me when it comes to marketing, hosting enquires and when they have small jobs that need completing on their websites.  WordPress is my jam and don’t get me started on the SEO qualities of it or we may be here a little while.

And what is a typical day at work for you?

My jobs at Made Neat in any given day can vary from content strategies for our clients to email marketing, website development and also analytics reporting. When Gayel isn’t looking I do try to sneak in some SEO work for Made Neat, because that topic is a little passion of mine.

Big question time … If you could switch jobs with anyone in the company who would that be and why?

If I could switch jobs with anybody it would be Gayel. Why?

So I get the desk with the lolly drawer obviously!  Wagon Wheels and Musk Sticks all the way…

NB. Interviewer rolled her eyes.

Fav news site or blog?

In terms of a favourite blog or news site, it would have to be a tie between The Hustle and The Betoota Advocate. The content is awesome, humorous and always very well written, plus who doesn’t love a bit of a chuckle while getting your daily news brief -during work hours…? I mean on my way to work if the Boss asks, I do not read the Betoota while I am working ;).

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When you were a little boy, what did you dream of being Mitch?

When I grew up I wanted to be an engineer and build race cars for a living. This all changed when I realised that there is more physics than driving fast cars and it became a little less appealing to me.

I have always taken an interest in business so the marketing career made sense.

What has been your favourite project you have worked on so far?

Gosh, this is a tricky one!  There has been so many, but really my favourite project would have to be the Made Neat project itself.  I get to say things and sound like a marketer while helping grow our business.  I also get to apply skills I have learned in the area of digital marketing which is extremely enjoyable for me.  Aside from this, I also enjoy the ongoing project of stealing from Gayel’s lolly drawer.  It assists me in being a more innovative and disruptive marketer.

What about outside of work?  Tell us about your hobbies or interests?

If I am not at Made Neat I am generally doing something involving soccer, motorsport or fishing and if none of these are possible I can be found beautifying myself by kipping on the couch or maybe even trying to play a video game or 3 (trying – I am not very good at them).


I have been on the Fraser Coast my whole life – I even did university here.  There is something really special about the place and it very much is an exciting time to be here from a business perspective.


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Gayel Airs

Gayel is Made Neat's Sales & Marketing Manager and often the first point of contact for client's wishing to explore their website options. She not only assists client's through the website journey but also with their digital content strategies well after their site has launched.