Telling our clients to include a blog on their website might be the most regular piece of advice we hand out here at Made Neat.  Usually, we end up with a range of responses ranging from ‘yes let’s do that’ through to ‘we just don’t have the time to blog’.  Sadly, the fact of the matter is, can you afford not to be blogging if you’re struggling to improve your site’s ranking? Here are our reasons why we believe a blog will change your digital marketing game plan entirely and stop you struggling to improve your website ranking.

Boost site traffic

By creating blogs that pertain to your business and the products/services you sell you’ll begin to see an increase in your site traffic.  This is great for your ranking. When search engines start to see people landing on your site, staying to read and clicking around, they begin to rank you higher in searches. Simply the likes of Google want to be offering users the best of websites and content and by blogging, your chances of being found in searches for targeted keywords increase.

Allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your industry

Writing blogs about your business and all of the stories that sit behind it will start to carve yourself out as an industry expert.  Example: People may see that as a baker you sell turmeric bread, but telling the story why as a baker you chose to start baking more non-traditional forms of bread and utilise turmeric would undoubtedly make customers see you as a baker that is serious about breadmaking.

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 Create a community around your business

People love to learn more about businesses in a friendly conversational way.  Just having great copy written on your site isn’t enough for humans that innately enjoy storytelling.  Incorporating regular blogs written in your unique brand voice via a great content marketing campaign will quickly see a community grow around your business.

Establish customer loyalty by allowing customers to get to know you better.

When customers start to read about your business stories via your blog, they feel more apart of what you do and inevitably become more loyal.  The baker that tells the story of why and how he came to start baking turmeric bread instantly wins the trust and attention of current customers for they get to understand the story behind the bread they buy and are happy to choose that baker than regular no personality supermarket bread.  Over the dinner table or online, they share with their friends about the why and how of the bread and sudden that community increases.

Target potential customers

Having the foresight to see a familiar problem that your target audience has and then blog about how you can solve them enables you to establish a relationship with potential customers before they have even entered your business.

Great content to share on your social media.

Undoubtedly blogging is one of the best ways to improve your site’s ranking and give client’s a great insight into your expertise and business, but it also means you have awesome content to share on your social media platforms.  This, in turn, means more traffic is driven to your site, leading to more leads, sales and better ranking.

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Luke Humble