Well, we are 3 months into 2018 already and have already seen a crazy number of changes in the digital space already. Whether its SnapChat losing millions of users from that tweet, Viber making a resurgence or WordPress still kicking custom CMS’s butt by saving businesses money and giving them optimum SEO.

Here are a few tools that you should consider in 2018.


Have you ever had a problem with a service or a product and ended up contacting the company? Many of us have and chances are the experience wasn’t pleasant. This can be very frustrating and in most cases, those customer support agents aren’t trained very well, have limited knowledge and resources to actually help solve your issue.

It’s time to move on from those pesky agents! Its 2018 and technology is advancing. In this case, chatbots have started to take on real human support agents. It is way more convenient and less time consuming to chat with a chatbot. If you would like to have a chat about a chatbot or live chat feature for your website contact Made Neat here.

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Video in Blog

We all know by now that videos are way cooler to look at and retain the user’s attention far longer than pictures.

So you have a video that you want to add to your website, if you have a custom cms website you best contact your web website developer and have your chequebook ready. However, if you have a WordPress website copy and paste the link into the desired page or there are a few other ways provided in the video below.


Yoast SEO

Imagine not having to pay thousands of dollars to improve your Google ranking with no guarantee that you will ever get the desired number one spot on Google. Well, simply you do not have to. Every small and medium business using WordPress should have Yoast SEO installed on their website. This plug-in not only allows you to control page names, slugs, meta descriptions and much more but it also provides you with suggestions on how to improve your content.

The ability to have a bespoke website but with Page Builder for your marketing team…

Through a little bit of magic from the team at Made Neat and few brilliant innovations in the WordPress world, you now have the ability to have a bespoke website created with a page builder installed. This allows you to have more freedom with your own website rather than needing a developer to make every change for you. Now I know what you’re thinking, how on earth is that possible?

Feel free to have a chat with us here at Made Neat and throw the questions at us. Now I am going to hide before all the old school custom CMS developers throw things at me.

Seeing as we were just super helpful with this blog and projects there is one little thing you can do for us. We would absolutely love it if you could spend 30 seconds to press the link and leave us a review here.

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Mitch Brunke

Mitch is Made Neat's Marketing Manager. He takes a special interest and a Bachelors degree in the area of digital marketing. If you have any questions at all about how your business can improve their online presence the Mitch is your contact.