WordPress and Made Neat is a match made in heaven for medium-sized businesses looking for a website to be proud of. SMEs need websites that are secure, easy-to-use, and reliable. Your team is already busy enough, they shouldn’t have to spend time learning or fixing a complex website that breaks every other week.

That’s why we work with WordPress to create bespoke websites that are perfect for medium-sized businesses specifically. Here are 3 big reasons for every SME to partner with Made Neat and WordPress for their business websites.

You get a custom website set to your requirements

We follow WordPress design and development best practices to create customized, mobile-first websites based on your needs. This is vital for SMEs who have unique business needs. You may not want everything that comes with an enterprise package, but your website may still require special functionality like a shopping cart, loyalty program login, or more.

We don’t just build websites, we partner with our clients to help achieve their business goals.

It’s easy and intuitive to make changes, even for non-technical team members

Some marketing teams have to go through IT every time they want to make an update to the website. This slows down your processes and limits how quickly you can provide timely news, deals and specials.
We simplify your operations by creating websites that your marketing team, or any non-technical member, will be able to use with ease.

Whether it’s publishing a blog post, changing the position or alt text of an image, editing the heading of a page, or adding a new page for a special promotion, you’ll be able to do it easily through WordPress without having to go through a developer.

We provide unlimited functionality, usability, and adaptability

Since each business is different, we work with our clients to figure out the best approach for creating their website. If there’s a functionality we believe would benefit the site, we propose it. If there’s something a client is asking for that doesn’t make sense, we point out alternatives and suggest other solutions. We have our eye on UX, and ensure each website we make is easy for visitors to navigate and operate to eventually land on your CTAs.

The Made Neat team is committed to building the best websites possible for medium-sized businesses, and we have the technical expertise to ensure all the functionality you need, in a usable and adaptable website.


Luke Humble