Using WordPress to build your business website isn’t just smart, it’s also sustainable, affordable, and effective. We’re huge fans of the WordPress platform for multiple reasons, but here are the 4 major reasons your business should use it.

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Why do you need a website?

Before we go into WordPress details, let’s discuss why a website is important for every business.

Your website is your online presence, and often the first touchpoint between your brand and research-driven consumers. Beyond that, there are a few compelling reasons to create and own your own website.

  • When you own your online presence, you can direct the conversation. Avoid competitors taking your URLs or posing as your brand online.
  • Your website will give you extra opportunities to appear on search engine results pages for key phrases.
  • Having a business website allows you to own your customers and communication channels. You don’t have to rely on marketplaces or third party services, which can change their rules on short notice and cut off contact with your audience.
  • It gives your business legitimacy. Having your own website shows a level of professionalism that your business will need if you intend to grow and inspire trust from customers.

5 reasons to use WordPress for your business website

You don’t need a developer to use it

WordPress is not only efficient, it’s also extremely easy to use. Even if you don’t have a technical background and don’t know the first thing about web development, WordPress makes it simple to make adjustments and edits.

For example, you can upload, format, categorise, and publish blog posts without having to run to a developer each time. WordPress has an easy visual editor that shows you how content will look once it goes live. You can add formatting like italics, designate which content should be a heading, and more without needing to know any HTML code.

Flexible and customisable

WordPress is one of the most flexible content management systems (CMS) thanks to their global popularity and open API. Thanks to WordPress’ high adoption rates, it benefits from users all around the world creating custom themes, templates, and plugins to extend functionality.

WordPress incorporates the best of both worlds. Businesses can have a custom website specially made, along with the ability to make changes as easily as if it were a template.

Businesses of any size can use it

WordPress is highly scalable and supports multiple users. It can grow with your business and has plenty of functionality to support whatever you want to do.

With multiple levels of access, you can add team members based on their roles. Add guest authors, editors, or other users as you grow and expand your team.

If you want to branch out, like adding a newsletter or eCommerce store, WordPress’ many plugins can accommodate this as well. You can also adjust hosting plans to support web traffic as your audience grows, in order to keep loading times quick.

Great for marketing and SEO

Marketing teams love WordPress, because search engines love WordPress. The simple interface and content structures allow for easy indexing, which means search engines find relevant content on your website more easily.

Plugins can also help you optimise your data across the entire website so that you can put your best foot forward and capture leads in search results.

Highly secure

Thanks to https, security plugins, and global watchdogs (users), WordPress is arguably the most secure platform to run your website on.

WordPress is consistently releasing updates and creating better versions of the platform. With so many of the world’s websites running on WordPress, they are quick to catch any security flaws and react with fixes.

If you want an added layer of security, we also recommend installing some plugins that help to protect your users’ data and information.

Overall, WordPress is an amazing tool to build your business website. It’s simple to use, highly customisable, secure, and great for SEO.

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Luke Humble