You made it! Your new website is online, visible to the world and ready to be your online marketing machine.

But what next?

Sharing your new site with everyone is essential to kick off its life and begin the task of having it found in Google searches.

Below are all the places to share your site to let your customers and networks know all about it.


Simply copy and paste your website URL to a new Facebook post. Facebook will auto-populate a picture of your site, and when a follower clicks, it will direct them straight over to the website.

If we created your site, tag us in the post (@madeneat), so we can like, comment and share too. Don’t forget to give our page a like and stay in touch.


Once again, do not be afraid to show off your website. Upload pictures of your favourite sections, the site in action or even the happy faces that are looking at your website. Tag us in the posts if you would like, @madeneat, it will help your post reach.

It is important to remember to add the link to your new website on your Instagram page, and on relevant posts, this will help your SEO.


LinkedIn is your chance to show your flashy new website and your business off to other professionals, rivals and clients. This works the same as facebook – simply copy and paste your website URL to a new post. An article about your motivations behind getting a new website and how your new website will help you and your clients will also be useful here, a blog post on your website shared to LinkedIn and Facebook is probably the best way to do this.

Website Maintenance
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Twitter is another great way to show your site and how your business is growing. Once again, you can just drop the URL link into the ‘whats happening text area’, and this will populate with a link to your website. Or you could do something a little different such as a gif that shows your website scrolling or any animations you may have. Just make sure you mention Made Neat when you post this, so your followers all know who we are too!

Email Marketing

If you have an email marketing list for your business, send the big news off to everyone’s inbox with a link directly off to your site.  If you have any launch specials or promotions be sure to share these also.

If you’re interested in email marketing for your business but are a little unsure where to start.  Be sure to contact us and let us help you.

Congratulations on your new website! We look forward to seeing your business grow.

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Mitch Brunke

Mitch is Made Neat's Marketing Manager. He takes a special interest and a Bachelors degree in the area of digital marketing. If you have any questions at all about how your business can improve their online presence the Mitch is your contact.